Brothers Empowered to Teach (BETT!) addresses the lack of black, male elementary school teachers in a unique way. Our program recruits, trains and hires black, male secondary school students to facilitate academic activities and tutoring in elementary schools. One of our goals is to develop the fellows’ capacity to present content and engage positively with younger students, such that they regard teaching as a viable career option. Our staffing structure intentionally emphasizes the value of the black male in the educational setting. Our program coordinator, mentor teachers, fellows, and elementary education scholars are all black males. We believe that it is necessary to build and sustain a strong, supportive community among all of our participants.  

E-3 Ethiopia We work in collaboration with Education for Equity & Empowerment Ethiopia to provide the families in the Qore community of Addis Ababa with resources and information to improve their quality of life. Through our dollar-a day donation program, we provide school registration fees, school supplies, uniforms, immunizations, tutoring, meals and toiletries to the children in the community.